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    Book # Author Title Price  
  W-67413 Johns, C.H.W. Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters 85.00 More Info
  W-31026 Balance of Payments Trends and Policies, 1950-1951 25.00 More Info
  W-30222 Allen, Polly R. and Peter B. Kenen The Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and Economic Policy 20.00 More Info
  W-30670 Balancing the National Interest, U.S. National Security Export Controls and Global Economic Competition 12.50 More Info
  W-30780 Sprudzs, Adolf (ed.) The Baltic Path to Independence, An International Reader of Selected Articles 45.00 More Info
  W-30430 Banco Credito Agricola de Cartago [et al.], Petitioners, v. Allied Bank International, As Agent for Fidelity Union Trust Company, Respondent, Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit 15.00 More Info
  W-91665 The Bancroft Library at 100: A Celebration 1906-2006 20.00 More Info
  W-77964 Johnson, Kenneth M. The Bar Association of San Francisco, The First Hundred Years 1872/1972 35.00 More Info
W-58866 The Barrister: Or, Strictures on the Education Proper for the Bar 650.00 More Info
  W-92089 Baseball Catalogue 121 45.00 More Info
  W-90162 Kirchoff, Gerd Ferdinand Basic Concepts in Victimology 35.00 More Info
  W-78423 Zamora, Stephen and Ronald A. Brand (eds.) Basic Documents of International Economic Law. Two Volumes [complete] 75.00 More Info
W-75816 Morgan, Edmund M. Basic Problems of Evidence. Two Volumes [complete] 125.00 More Info
W-77851 Basilika. The Works of King Charles the Martyr: With a Collection of Declarations, Treaties, and other Papers concerning the Differences Betwixt His said Majesty and His Two Houses of Parliament . . . as also of His Tryal [etc.]. 2d Edition. Wing C2076 750.00 More Info
  W-91550 Beatrix Potter: The Doris Frohnsdorff Collection, Wednesday, 16 April 1997 20.00 More Info
  W-90013 Krasnegor, Norman A. (ed.) Behavioral Analysis and Treatment of Substance Abuse 45.00 More Info
  W-90540 Loeb, Stephen Edward A Behavioral Study of CPA Ethics 45.00 More Info
  W-90005 Krasnegor, Norman A. (ed.) Behavioral Tolerance: Research and Treatment Implications 45.00 More Info
  W-90368 Kobre, Sidney Behind Shocking Crime Headlines, Searching Probe into Juvenile, Adult Crime and Prisons 35.00 More Info
  W-55808 Belli, Melvin M. and Danny R. Jones Belli Looks at Life and Law in Japan 35.00 More Info
  W-57498 Austin, Jane G. Betty Alden, The First-Born Daughter of the Pilgrims 1750.00 More Info
  W-57258 Nizer, Louis Between You and Me. Revised Edition 35.00 More Info
  W-55502 Arkes, Hadley Beyond the Constitution 35.00 More Info
  W-17403 Bibliographie Pratique d'Ouvrages de Droit, Jurisprudence Economie Politique Sociologie [etc.] 20.00 More Info
  W-79614 Ter Meulen, Jacob et P.J.J. Diermanse (comps.) Bibliographie des Ecrits Imprimes de Hugo Grotius 41.00 More Info
  W-91957 Bibliography and Reference From the Library of Richard E. Oinonen A Furthur Selection 25.00 More Info
  W-91983 Bibliography and Reference from the Libraries of F.M O'Brien, Cedric Robinson, Robert Lucas 25.00 More Info
  W-63501 Davies, Godfrey and Mary Frear Keeler (eds.) Bibliography of British History, Stuart Period, 1603-1714. Second edition 65.00 More Info
  W-10644 Read, Conyers (ed.) Bibliography of British History, Tudor Period, 1485-1603 45.00 More Info
  W-10165 Gross, Charles A Bibliography of British Municipal History including Gilds and Parliamentary Representation 35.00 More Info
  W-75221 Alexandrowicz, Charles Henry A Bibliography of Indian Law 85.00 More Info
  W-72530 Farnam, Henry W. Bibliography of the Department of Economics and Sociology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Third Edition 45.00 More Info
  W-90127 Berg, Paul S.D. and Robert R. Tyler (comps.) A Bibliography on Violent and Aggressive Behavior 65.00 More Info
  W-92018 La Biblioteca Giannalisa Feltrinelli Parte Quarta 25.00 More Info
  W-30132 Davila Lanausse, Jose Nilo Bibliotheca Legum Portoricensis Collectanea Juridica Bibliografia Legal Selecta de Puerto Rico Siglos XIX-XX 65.00 More Info
W-76821 Worrall, John (comp.) Bibliotheca Legum: Or, A Compleat List of All the Common and Statute Law Books of this Realm . . . giving an Account of their several Editions, antient Printers, Dates, and Price, and wherein they differ. A New Edition, with Improvements [etc.] 850.00 More Info
W-68674 Worrall, John (comp.) Bibliotheca Legum: Or, A new and compleat List of All the Common and Statute Law Books of this Realm . . . giving an Acconnt [sic] of their several Editions, Dates, and Prices, and wherein they differ. The Sixth Edition, with Improvements 1250.00 More Info
  W-63336 Biennial Report of the Attorney General of the State of California 1911-1912 20.00 More Info
W-78190 A Bill . . . for granting an Aid and Contribution for the Prosecution of the War . . . by Granting certain Duties upon Income [with] A Bill [As Amended on Re-commitment] [with] Schedule to Income Duty Bill [with] A Bill . . . Extending [the first Act] 1500.00 More Info
W-78337 A Bill For granting to Her Majesty Duties on Profits arising from Property, Professions, Trades, and Offices (Prepared and brought in by Sir Robert Peel [etc.]) [with nine other legislative proposals relating to the 1842 Income Tax Act] 850.00 More Info
  W-91841 James, Bill The Bill James Baseball Abstract Newsletter. Vol. 1, Nos. 1-8. With Special Issues No. 1 & 2. Vol. 2, Nos. 1-8. With Special Issues No. 1 & 2. 250.00 More Info
W-75328 Hand, Learned The Bill of Rights 1500.00 More Info
W-54649 Foss, Edward Biographia Juridica, A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England From the Conquest to the Present Time 1066-1870 85.00 More Info
  W-76919 Foss, Edward Biographia Juridica, A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England, From the Conquest to the Present Time, 1066-1870 85.00 More Info
  W-30773 Poulos, John W. The Biography of a Homicide: A Case Study from Arrest Through Trial 45.00 More Info
  W-91711 Meyer, Alfred W. The Blaine Amendment and the Bill of Rights 25.00 More Info
  W-30726 Blueprint for Sustainable Development of Virginia 15.00 More Info
W-79342 The Boke for a Iustyce of peace neuer soo wel and diligently set forthe [with] Carta Foedi [with] Modvs Tenendi Cvriam Baronis [with] Retvrna Brevivm [with] A Trve Copy of the Ordinance . . . in the Kynges Eschker. STC 14873; 7696.7; 7713; 15583.7; 20899.5 10000.00 More Info
  W-91749 Book Auction Sale, 5th-6th June 1986. The Library of the Late Mr. A.D. van Regeren Altena (first portion) [and] Books from the Library of Prof. Mr. A. Pitlo and from Other Properties 25.00 More Info
  W-91807 Kurutz, Gary F. The Book Club of California at One Hundred. A Companion to 'The First 75 Years' by Oscar Lewis 25.00 More Info
W-77016 Jong, Fang-Ling Book Paradise 30.00 More Info
W-77277 Jong, Fang-Ling My Book Paradise 35.00 More Info
W-76629 Jong, Fang-Ling My Book Paradise 50.00 More Info
  W-74227 Jenks, Edward The Book of English Law 15.00 More Info
W-57941 Burch, John C. Book of Pleadings Adapted to the Code of Civil Procedure of the State of California, with Full References to the Civil and Political Codes 75.00 More Info
W-78413 Phayer, Thomas A Booke of Presidentes exactly written in maner of a Register, newlye Imprynted and corrected . . . mete for all such persons to knowe, as desire to learne the forme and maner howe to make al maner of euydences and instrumentes [etc.]. STC 3329; Beale T430 6500.00 More Info
W-78271 A Booke of Proclamations, published since the beginning of his Maiesties most happy Reigne ouer England . . . Untill this present Moneth of Febr. 3. Anno Dom. 1609. S.T.C. 7759 2250.00 More Info
  W-91790 Berry, Michael (ed.) The B Bookman, An Annual Packed with Features, Book Trade News and a Usueful Diary 35.00 More Info
  W-91588 Books and Manuscripts from the Estate of John F. Fleming Friday, November 18, 1988 20.00 More Info
  W-91993 Books from the Collection of Hugh Morris with Selected Additions 25.00 More Info
  W-91972 Books from the Library at Somerset House in Princess Anne, Maryland 35.00 More Info
  W-74712 Books, Maps, Postcards and Law Books To be Sold by Auction Wednesday 15th February at 11:00 am [etc.] 25.00 More Info
  W-92087 Books, Memorabilia and Apparatus from the Conjuring Collection of John Fisher 35.00 More Info
W-78491 Jong, Fang-Ling A Bookwoman's Four Seasons 30.00 More Info
W-78456 Jong, Fang-Ling A Bookwoman's Four Seasons 60.00 More Info
  W-90562 Botswana Statute Law 1970. Two parts. Part I, General; Part II, Customs, Excise, and Sales Duty 100.00 More Info
W-75587 Maitland, F.W. (ed.) Bracton's Note Book, A Collection of Cases Decided in the King's Courts During the Reign of Henry the Third, Annotated by a Lawyer of That Time, Seemingly by Henry of Bratton. Three Volumes 240.00 More Info
W-78082 Maitland, F.W. (ed.) Bracton's Note Book, A Collection of Cases Decided in the King's Courts During the Reign of Henry the Third, Annotated by a Lawyer of That Time, Seemingly by Henry of Bratton. Three Volumes [complete] 1100.00 More Info
  W-91341 Brainerd Currie--Five Tributes, By Elvin R. Latty, Philip B. Kurland, Roger J. Traynor, Leavenworth Colby and Robert C. Sink 25.00 More Info
W-78200 Leach, William The Bribe-Takers of Jury-Men Partiall, Dishonest, and Ignorant Discovered and Abolished; and Honest, Judicious, Able, and Impartiall Restored; And their equall Election to Try Causes, and Find Inquests [etc.]. Wing L772. Quarto 1500.00 More Info
  W-91445 Purvis, J.S. (ed.) Bridlington Charters, Court Rolls and Papers, XVIth-XIXth Century. Being a Selection of Documents Illustrating the History of Bridlington under the Rule of the Lords Feoffees 65.00 More Info
W-75939 A Brief Account of the Powers Given to, and Exercised by, The Burgess-Court of Westminster. And Some Reasons for Continuing and Enlarging those Powers, by Amending the Act of the 27th of Queen Elizabeth [1585] 1500.00 More Info
W-47595 Brief Deductions Relative to the Aid and Supply of the Executive Power, According to the Law of England. In Cases of Infancy, Delirium, or Other Incapacity of the King. Second Edition 500.00 More Info
W-76888 Somers, John A Brief History of the Succession, Collected out of the Records, and the Most Authentick Historians. Written for the Satisfaction of the Earl of H.[Halifax]. Wing S4638. Folio. [With line 5 of the title ending "and the"] 350.00 More Info
W-78298 A Brief Method of the Law. Being an Exact Alphabetical Disposition of all the Heads Necessary for a Perfect Common-Place. Useful to all Students and Professors of the Law; Much wanted, and earnestly desired [etc.]. Wing B4435A. Folio 1250.00 More Info
  W-31111 Brief Summary of H.R. 17488, The Energy Tax and Individual Relief Act of 1974 20.00 More Info
W-18133 Wooddeson, Richard A Brief Vindication of the Rights of the British Legislature; In Answer to Some Positions Advanced in a Pamphlet, Intitled, "Thoughts on the English Government, Letter the Second," [etc.] [with the half-title not noted in RLIN] 450.00 More Info
W-77590 Swinburne, Henry A Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Last Willes . . . Compiled of such lawes Ecclesiasticall and Ciuill, as be not repugnant to the lawes, customes, or statutes of this Realme, nor derogatorie to the Prerogative Royall [etc.]. S.T.C. 23547; Beale T498 3500.00 More Info
  W-90559 British Bechuanaland Proclamations and the More Important of the Notices. 1885-89 250.00 More Info
  W-72129 Kiralfy, A.K.R. (ed.) British Legal Papers Presented to the Fifth International Congress of Comparative Law, Palace of Justice, Brussels [etc.]. With an Obituary Notice of the late Professor R.W. Lee by Professor F.H. Lawson 65.00 More Info
W-77264 British Military Occupation of Samoa. Proclamations 1 through 41 and Proclamation 43 3750.00 More Info
  W-90566 British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Regulations 1957-1960 125.00 More Info
W-77409 Britton, John le] Britton [on the Laws of England]. The Second Edition. Faithfully corrected according to divers ancient Manuscripts of the same Booke. By Edm[und] Wingate [etc.]. S.T.C. 3804 1250.00 More Info
  W-51583 Frowein, Jochen Abr., Hans Meyer, et al Bundesverfassungsgericht im dritten Jahrzehnt. Symposion zu Ehren von Ernst Friesenhahn anlaslich seines 70 Geburtstages [etc.] 15.00 More Info
  W-90547 Liebl, Karlhans Die Bundesweite Erfassung von Wirtschaftsstraftaten nach einheitlichen Gesichtspunkten 25.00 More Info
  W-67213 Stiles, Henry Reed Bundling, Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America 65.00 More Info
  W-90510 Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report. Federal Offenses and Offenders, White Collar Crime 10.00 More Info
  W-12189 Bledsoe, A.J. Business Law for Business Men, A Reference Book Showing the Laws of California for Daily Use in Business Affairs 20.00 More Info
  W-56819 Bledsoe, A.J. Business Law for Business Men, State of California. . .Sixteenth Edition 25.00 More Info
  W-48384 Bledsoe, A.J. Business Law for Business Men, State of California. . .Sixteenth Edition 25.00 More Info
  W-71327 Kirsop, Wallace Buying Law Books in Nineteenth-Century Melbourne 25.00 More Info
  W-91598 By Direction of the Executors of the late Commander R.G.I. Nicholl [Phillips Ipswich] will sell the Contents of Basts, Grundisburgh, Nr. Ipswich, Suffolk 25.00 More Info
W-79487 By the King and Queen. A Proclamation . . . That all Persons being Protestants . . . in the Offices of Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace [and other offices] shall hold themselves continued in the said Offices [etc.]. Wing W2522; Steele I, 3964 1500.00 More Info
W-79563 By the King, A Proclamation, For putting the Laws in Execution against Papists and Non-Jurors, and for Commanding all Papists, and reputed Papists, to depart from the Cities of London and Westminster, and from Ten Miles of the same [etc.] 1500.00 More Info
W-79674 By the King. A Proclamation commanding the due execution of the Lawes made against Eating and Selling of Flesh in Lent, and other times prohibited. S.T.C. 8984; Steele 1, 642; Lincoln's Inn Catalogue of Pamphlets 1506-1700 234 750.00 More Info
W-79503 By the King. A Proclamation declaring His Maiesties Royall Grace and Pleasure, to confirme to His Subiects their defectiue Estates in their Lands and Possessions, by His Commission lately renewed and enlarged to that purpose. S.T.C. 9043; cf. Steele 1703 750.00 More Info
W-78742 By the King. A Proclamation for restraint of excessiue Carriages, to the destruction of the High Wayes. S.T.C. 9050 2000.00 More Info
W-79501 By the King. A Proclamation for the better execution of the Office of His Maiesties Exchanger, and Reformation of sundry Abuses and Fraudes practised vpon his Maiesties Coynes. S.T.C. 8860; Steele 1512 650.00 More Info
W-79635 By the King. A Proclamation, For giving Encouragement to Seamen and Able-bodied Landmen to enter themselves on Board His Majesty's Ships of War; and for granting Rewards for discovering such Seamen as shall conceal themselves 1250.00 More Info
W-79587 By the King. A Proclamation. George R. To practise the greatest Economy and Frugality in the Use of every Species of Grain . . . to reduce the Consumption of Bread . . . by at least One Third . . . to abstain from the Use of Flour in Pastry [etc.] 650.00 More Info
W-78534 By the King. Trustie and welbeloued, wee greete you well: Although there be nothing more against our minde then . . . any course that may breed in our subiects the least doubt of our vnwillingnes to throw any burthens vpon them [etc.]. STC 91751.3(2ba) 1500.00 More Info
  W-77453 By-Laws of Box Makers, Novelty and Specialty Wood Workers, Union No. 3036 A.F.ofL. United Brotherood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Effective December 1, 1944. Headquarters 400 Brannan Street. Phone YUkon 2922 35.00 More Info
  W-91421 Sheleff, Leon Shaskolsky The Bystander, Behavior, Law, Ethics 35.00 More Info

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