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De Termino Michaelis Anno primo [through De termino Hillarii Anno xxii] Eduardi Quarto [1461-1482]. S.T.C. 9776; 9783; 9788; 9794; 9801; 9811; 9817; 9824; 9830; 9835; 9843; 9849; 9854; 9858; 9864; 9869; 9875; 9880; 9887; 9893. Folio
Imprinted . . . by Richard Tottill [imprints vary], London, 1571-73?.
A rare, complete run of separately printed year books, one for each of the years of the entire twenty-two years of the reign of Edward IV [1461-1483] for all of which reported cases survive, twenty in number, gathered here in one physical volume
Contemporary panelled calf, centered lozenges, rebacked, showing wear but well preserved, with annotations throughout; the Taussig copy
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$ 10000.00
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