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    NATO, a Twentieth-Century Community of Nations
    Salvadori, Massimo                             W-30849   $  15.00 

    Napolean and the French Revolution Catalogue of Printed Books, Le
                                                   W-92010   $  75.00 

    Narcotic Antagonists: Naltrexone Progress Report
    Julius, Demetrios and Pierre Renault (ed       W-90111   $  45.00 

    Narcotics and the Law, A Critique of the American Experiment in N
    Eldridge, William Butler                       W-90017   $  45.00 

    Narrationes Modernae, Or Modern Reports Begun in the now Upper Be
    Style, William                                 W-75775   $ 450.00 

    A Narrative of Facts Which Led to the Presentment of the Rt. Rev.
    Trapier, Paul                                  W-75674   $ 125.00 

    A Narrative of Procedure Before The Court of Session, and Circums
                                                   W-57536   $ 275.00 

    Narrative of the Principal Actions Occurring in the Wars Betwixt 
    Meadows, [Sir P[hilip]]                        W-70175   $  45.00 

    National Carriage Manufacturing Companym Plaintfill and Appellant
                                                   W-91802   $ 100.00 

    National Conference on Pre-Release, A Symposium on Adult Offender
    Killinger, George G., et al. (eds.)            W-90102   $  25.00 

    The National Crime Survey: Working Papers. Volume II: Methodologi
    Lehnen, Robert G. and Wesley G. Skogan (       W-90233   $  35.00 

    National Income Analysis
    Schultze, Charles L.                           W-42725   $  20.00 

    The National Income of the Philippines and its Distribution
                                                   W-31084   $  20.00 

    National Interests and Bureaucracy versus Development Aid
    Nashat, Mahyar                                 W-30707   $  45.00 

    The National Labor Relations Act and National Defense
    Syme, M. Herbert                               W-42497   $  25.00 

    National Library of Scotland:  Advocates' Library, Notable Access
                                                   W-18435   $  45.00 

    National Library of Scotland: Notable Accessions Since 1925, a Bo
                                                   W-18436   $  45.00 

    A National Policy for the Oil Industry
    Rostow, Eugene V.                              W-47765   $  65.00 

    The National Public Service Law
                                                   W-49919   $  35.00 

    Natura Brevium newly corrected in Englyshe, with dyuers addycyons
                                                   W-79584   $3000.00 

    The Natural History Library of Steve Graham Part I
                                                   W-91975   $  25.00 

    Natural Law and Human Dignity. Translated by Dennis J. Schmidt
    Bloch, Ernst                                   W-74709   $  65.00 

    Natural Law, Positivism, and the Limits of Jurisprudence: A Moder
    Gavison, Ruth                                  W-92073   $  25.00 

    The Nature of the Judicial Process
    Cardozo, Benjamin N.                           W-58112   $6500.00 

    The Nature of the Judicial Process. Tenth Printing
    Cardozo, Benjamin N.                           W-73420   $1250.00 

    Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Office of United States Chief of 
                                                   W-75230   $ 450.00 

    Negotiable Instruments, Cases and Text, With Code Sections Inters
    Bell, Richard G.                               W-16232   $  25.00 

    Negotiating Security, An Arms Control Reader
    Kincade, William H. and Jeffrey D. Porro       W-30164   $  25.00 

    Negro Migration During the War [Preliminary Economic Studies of t
    Scott, Emmett J.                               W-91717   $  65.00 

    A New Abridgement and Critical Review of the State Trials, and Im
    Salmon, Thomas                                 W-72149   $1250.00 

    A New Abridgement and Critical Review of the State Trials, and Im
    Salmon, Thomas                                 W-76691   $ 275.00 

    A New Abridgement and Critical Review of the State Trials. Wherei
    Salmon, Thomas (ed.)                           W-77689   $1500.00 

    A New Abridgment of Cases in Equity, and of Such Cases at Law, as
    Brown, Josiah                                  W-76324   $1500.00 

    A New Abridgment of the Law. Five Volumes [complete]. Folio. Cowl
    Bacon, Matthew                                 W-77927   $2500.00 

    A New Approach to the American Constitution
    Smith, Paul Samuel                             W-63263   $  35.00 

    New Approaches in the Law of Civil Procedure
    Semmel, Herbert                                W-31011   $  25.00 

    New Courts of Industry, Self-Regulation under the Motion Picture 
    Nizer, Louis                                   W-69819   $ 150.00 

    The New Hampshire Justice of the Peace
    Richardson, William Merchant                   W-11819   $ 125.00 

    The New Instructor Clericalis, Stating the Authority, Jurisdictio
    Impey, John                                    W-77371   $ 650.00 

    New Ireland Forum The Economic Consequences of the Division of Ir
                                                   W-91952   $  45.00 

    The New Law Dictionary . . . Carefully Abridged . . . And particu
    Jacob, Giles                                   W-77706   $1500.00 

    New Light on the Legislative History of Desertion Through Fraudul
    Avins, Alfred                                  W-78294   $  45.00 

    New Light on the Legislative History of Desertion Trhough Fraudul
    Avins, Alfred                                  W-78291   $  25.00 

    The New Newgate Calendar; Being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious 
    Baldwin, Andrew Knapp and William              W-79621   $ 450.00 

    A New Penal System, Ideas and Proposals
                                                   W-90046   $  25.00 

    New Perspectives for Research on Juvenile Delinquency
    Witmer, Helen L. and Ruth Kotinsky             W-90334   $  20.00 

    New Perspectives in Control Theory: Social Coping of Youth under 
    Dussich, John P.J.                             W-90246   $  35.00 

    New Possibilities of Old Materials of American Legal History. Set
    Pound, Roscoe                                  W-79492   $  75.00 

    New Sources of Energy and Economic Development
                                                   W-31030   $  45.00 

    A New Treatise on the Laws For Preservation of the Game: Containi
    Cunningham, Timothy                            W-79183   $ 650.00 

    The New-Hampshire Probate Directory: Containing All the Statute l
    Chase, Horace                                  W-40345   $ 125.00 

    The Newgate Calendar, Comprising Interesting Memoirs of the Most 
                                                   W-63443   $  50.00 

    Nigeria. Annual Report on the Education Department, Southern Prov
                                                   W-90969   $  50.00 

    No-Fault Automobile Insurance in Action, The Experiences in Massa
    Widiss, Alan I., et al                         W-60391   $  35.00 

    No. 84-5327, R. David Finzer, Father, et al., Appellants, v. Mari
                                                   W-30429   $  15.00 

    Nominating Systems: Direct Primaries versus Conventions in the Un
    Meyer, Ernst Christopher                       W-77554   $  27.50 

    Nomination of Simon E. Sobeloff. Report together with Minority Vi
                                                   W-79740   $ 150.00 

    Non Compos Mentis: Or, The Law Relating to Natural Fools, Mad-Fol
    Brydall, John                                  W-79284   $2000.00 

    Non-Institutional Treatment, A Preliminary Evaluation of the Sund
    Kuhlhorn, Eckart                               W-90045   $  35.00 

    North Carolina Corporation Law and Practice, With Forms
    Robinson, Russell M.                           W-30555   $  35.00 

    Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973
                                                   W-91948   $  45.00 

    The Notable British Trials Series. Eighty-Three Volumes [complete
                                                   W-64819   $6500.00 

    Notes on Bigelow's Bills, Notes and Checques (2nd Edition)
    Lile, W.M.                                     W-30969   $  35.00 

    Notes on Criminal Classes in the Bombay Presidency, With Appendic
                                                   W-60666   $ 250.00 

    Notes on a Visit Made to Some of the Prisons in Scotland and the 
    Gurney, Joseph John                            W-91349   $ 125.00 

    La Novvelle Natura breuium du Iudge tresreuerende Monsieur Anthon
    Fitzherbert, Anthony                           W-78802   $1850.00 

    La Nowelle Natura breuium du Iudge tresreuerende Monsieur Anthoni
    Fitzherbert, Anthony                           W-78976   $4500.00 

    Nueva Ley Federal del Trabajo, 1978
                                                   W-57119   $  20.00 

    El Nuevo Derecho de Prensa e Imprenta
                                                   W-58530   $  45.00 

    A Number of Pamphlets: Many Scandalous, Seditious and Unlicensed
                                                   W-13052   $  25.00 

    The Nuremberg Minds Revealed: An Evaluation of Psychopathy and Ps
    Greiner, Nadine                                W-79588   $ 450.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate, Consolidated Edition as at the 31st Decem
                                                   W-91006   $ 100.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate. Blue Book for the Year Ended 31st Decembe
                                                   W-91001   $ 125.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate. Blue Book for the Year Ended 31st Decembe
                                                   W-91002   $ 125.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate. Blue Book for the Year Ended 31st Decembe
                                                   W-91003   $ 125.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate. Blue Book for the Year Ended 31st Decembe
                                                   W-91004   $ 125.00 

    Nyasaland Protectorate. Blue Book for the Year Ended 31st Decembe
                                                   W-91005   $ 125.00 

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