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    Daily Life Security Bill
                                                   W-49922   $  35.00 

    Danmark-Norges Hojesteret 1790-1814
    Jorgensen, Troels G.                           W-42791   $  50.00 

    Darrow Limited Edition Lithograph
                                                   W-43878   $  75.00 

    Darwin's Century: The Jeremy Norman Collection of Rare Books, Man
                                                   W-91627   $  35.00 

    De Dis Syris Syntagmata II. Aduersaria nempe de Numinibus comment
    Selden, John                                   W-76944   $1250.00 

    De Jure Maritimo et Navali: or, a Treatise of Affairs Maritime an
    Molloy, Charles                                W-78721   $1250.00 

    De Legationibus Libri Tres. Volume One. The Photographic Reproduc
    Gentili, Alberici                              W-77774   $ 175.00 

    De Pace Regis et Regni, viz. A Treatise declaring which be the gr
    Pulton, Ferdinando                             W-78368   $ 750.00 

    De Pace Regis et Regni. viz. A Treatise declaring which be the gr
    Pulton, Ferdinando                             W-78373   $2500.00 

    De Republica Anglorum. The maner of Governement or policie of the
    Smith, Thomas                                  W-79418   $3500.00 

    De Termino Hillarii Anno regni Regis Edwardi tertii Post conquest
                                                   W-78310   $45000.00 

    De Termino Hillarii. Anno xvii Edward tertii [through] De termino
                                                   W-78104   $6500.00 

    De Termino Hillarii. Anno xvii Edward tertii [through] De termino
                                                   W-78163   $4500.00 

    De Termino Michaelis Anno primo Henrici sexti [through] De termin
                                                   W-78750   $45000.00 

    De Termino Michaelis Anno primo [through De termino Hillarii Anno
                                                   W-78096   $10000.00 

    De Termino Michaelis [to Trinitatis] Anno xv E.iiii [1475]. S.T.C
                                                   W-78250   $4500.00 

    De Termino Trinitatis Anno regni regis Henrici octaui XII [to De 
                                                   W-74818   $1600.00 

    Deadly Force
    Liverman, Carla G. (comp.)                     W-92032   $  25.00 

    Death and Injuries on the Road: Critical Issues for Legislative A
    Homel, Ross and Paul Wilson                    W-90402   $  45.00 

    The Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule
    Laycock, Douglas                               W-79853   $  35.00 

    Debates in the Congress of the United States on the Bill for Repe
                                                   W-77407   $ 950.00 

    The Debtor's Prison: A Tale of a Revolutionary Soldier. To Which 
    Greene, Asa                                    W-79027   $ 450.00 

    Decision Making for Regulating Chemicals in the Environment
                                                   W-30600   $  35.00 

    Decision of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, in a Cas
                                                   W-77778   $ 250.00 

    Decisions of Courts Affecting Labor . . . Bureau of Labor Statist
                                                   W-19928   $  20.00 

    Decisions of Courts Affecting Labor: 1917
    Clark, Lindley D. and Augustus P. Norton       W-19930   $  20.00 

    The Decisions of Justice Tobriner
                                                   W-92027   $  75.00 

    Decisions of the Court of Session, From the Year 1733 to the Year
    Elchies, Patrick Grant, Lord                   W-72853   $ 250.00 

    The Decisions of the English Judges, During the Usurpation, From 
                                                   W-76346   $ 650.00 

    A Declaration of His Maiesties Royall pleasure, in what sort He t
                                                   W-79708   $ 650.00 

    The Declaration of Independence for Young Americans
    Gerwig, George William                         W-91730   $  35.00 

    The Declaration of William and Mary, King and Queen of England, F
                                                   W-79601   $1500.00 

    Declarations and Pleadings In the most usual Actions brought in t
    Bohun, William                                 W-78967   $ 225.00 

    The Decline of Democracy in the Philippines
    Butler, William J., et al.                     W-30658   $  45.00 

    A Decree Lately made in the High Court of Starre-Chamber, after c
                                                   W-79494   $1850.00 

    A Decree of Starre-Chamber: Concerning Inmates, and diuided Tenem
                                                   W-79533   $1850.00 

    Decretum aureum diui Gratiani cuius titulus talis est. Incipit co
                                                   W-79457   $1250.00 

    Deed of Settlement of the Northamptonshire Union Bank, Establishe
                                                   W-77131   $ 250.00 

    The Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources Act
    Molitor, Michael Rene                          W-30991   $  45.00 

    Deep Seabed Mining, Final Programmatic Environmental Impact State
                                                   W-30934   $  75.00 

    Defence of Brigadier General W. Hull. Delivered before the Genera
                                                   W-17687   $ 450.00 

    Defence of the Rev. Charles Voysey, B.A., Vicar of Healaugh, on t
                                                   W-73958   $ 150.00 

    The Defendant's Rights Today
    Fellman, David                                 W-47506   $  25.00 

    Defending Criminal Cases in Virginia, Virginia Lawyers Handbook
                                                   W-30790   $  20.00 

    Defending the Unpopular Client
    Sacks, Howard R.                               W-91879   $  45.00 

    Defensio Legis: Or, The Whole State of England Inquisited and Def
                                                   W-79573   $1500.00 

    Delay on Appeal, A Process for Identifying Causes and Cures
    Novak, Rita M. and Douglas K. Somerlot         W-91487   $  15.00 

    Delinquency and Crime: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
    Cavan, Ruth Shonle and Jordan T.               W-90296   $  35.00 

    Delinquent Networks
    Sarnecki, Jerzy                                W-90252   $  35.00 

    Democracy, Should It Survive?
                                                   W-16857   $  15.00 

    Denial of Justice, Criminal Process in the United States
    Weinreb, Lloyd                                 W-47505   $  35.00 

    The Deposition, a Simulation with Commentary
                                                   W-30641   $  25.00 

    Derecho Agrario Boliviano, Doctrina, Exposicion y Comentario de L
    Flores Moncayo, Jose                           W-47943   $  25.00 

    Derecho Indigena: Contribucion Espanola al Sistema Legal de los E
    Cohen, Felix                                   W-71860   $  75.00 

    Detention Provisoire, Controle Judiciaire et Garde a Vue, Les Pro
    Rolland, M. (ed.)                              W-90381   $  35.00 

    Determinate Sentencing, Reform or Regression?
                                                   W-90077   $  35.00 

    Deterrent Effects of Criminal Sanctions
    Biddle, W. Craig (et al.)                      W-90175   $  25.00 

    Developing a Regulatory Bureaucracy: The Office of Surface Mining
    Shover, Neal, et al                            W-90553   $  45.00 

    The Development of Law in California
    Palmer, William J. and Paul P. Selvin          W-79801   $ 125.00 

    Development of Self-Report Instruments in Delinquency Research
    Hardt, Robert H. and George E. Bodine          W-90290   $  25.00 

    Developments in the Law-Equal Protection
                                                   W-92025   $  75.00 

    Developments in the Law-International Environmental Law
                                                   W-92054   $  35.00 

    Deviance and Conformity, Roles, Situations and Reciprocity
    Palmer, Stuart                                 W-90321   $  25.00 

    Deviance and Decency, The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects
    Klockars, Carl B. and Finbarr W. O'Conno       W-90370   $  25.00 

    Deviance and Mass Media
    Winick, Charles (ed.)                          W-90345   $  45.00 

    Deviant Behavior and Control Strategies, Essays in Sociology
    Wood, Arthur Lewis                             W-90330   $  25.00 

    Deviant Behavior in Sweden
    Bultena, Louis                                 W-90341   $  35.00 

    The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinitie, and a St
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-50165   $ 650.00 

    The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinitie, and a St
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-49366   $ 650.00 

    The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinity, and a Stu
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-52126   $ 650.00 

    The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinity, and a Stu
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-44657   $ 650.00 

    The Dialogus de fundamentis Legum Angliae et de conscientia [etc.
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-60329   $ 650.00 

    Dialogus de fundamentis legum Anglie et de conscientia. S.T.C. 21
    St. German, Christopher                        W-78677   $6000.00 

    The Difference Between an Absolute and Limited Monarchy; As it mo
    Fortescue, John                                W-79331   $1100.00 

    Difficiles Nugae; Or, Observations Touching the Torricellian Expe
    Hale, Matthew                                  W-78053   $1500.00 

    Difficiles Nugae; Or, Observations Touching the Torricellian Expe
    Hale, Matthew                                  W-78222   $2000.00 

    Digest and Consolidated Index of Hong Kong Criminal Case Law 1968
    Addison, Frank (ed.)                           W-30129   $  35.00 

    A Digest of Hong Kong Civil Case Law 1976-1980
    Addison, Frank (ed.)                           W-30128   $  35.00 

    A Digest of Pickering's Reports, Volumes II-VII Being a Supplemen
    Bigelow, Lewis                                 W-43708   $ 125.00 

    Digest of the Cases Decided in the Supreme Judicial Court of the 
    Metcalf, Theron                                W-42321   $ 125.00 

    A Digest of the Criminal Law of England; As Altered by the Recent
    Deacon, Edward E.                              W-75994   $ 650.00 

    A Digest of the Law of Actions at Nisi Prius. The Second Edition,
    Espinasse, Isaac                               W-79500   $ 650.00 

    A Digest of the Law of Agency. Eleventh Edition
    Bowstead, William                              W-40619   $  25.00 

    A Digest of the Laws of England, By the Right Honourable Sir John
    Comyns, John (comp.)                           W-78412   $1100.00 

    The Dilemma of Freight Transport Regulation
    Friedlaender, Ann F.                           W-30331   $  20.00 

    Diplomacy by Conference, Studies in Public Affairs, 1920-1946
    Hankey, Lord                                   W-30361   $  17.50 

    The Diplomacy of Economic Development
    Black, Eugene R.                               W-30851   $  10.00 

    Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, Canadian Relation
    Manning, William R. (ed.)                      W-51816   $ 175.00 

    Direct Primary Law with the Official Forms Prepared by the Secret
                                                   W-43108   $  15.00 

    Directions for Commissioners, with the Steward of each Mannour, A
                                                   W-79622   $ 850.00 

    Directory of Law Teachers, 1978-79
                                                   W-31010   $  25.00 

    Directory of Opportunities in International Law. Second Edition
                                                   W-30529   $  15.00 

    Directory of Specialized American Bookdealers 1987-1988, Prepared
                                                   W-64864   $  47.50 

    Directory of the Harvard Law School Class of 1923
                                                   W-70856   $  45.00 

    Discorso sull Arresto Personale in Linea Civile, fra Gli Ascenden
    Zanghi, Paolo                                  W-68660   $ 175.00 

    A Discourse Pronounced at the Funeral Obsequies of John Hooker As
    Story, Joseph                                  W-77719   $ 350.00 

    A Discourse of Trade, from England vnto the East Indies: Answerin
    Mun, Thomas                                    W-79799   $8000.00 

    A Discourse of the Common Weal of this Realm of England First pri
    Lamond, Elizabeth (ed.)                        W-69423   $  85.00 

    A Discourse of the Judicial Authority Belonging to the Office of 
    Yorke, Philip, Earl of Hardwicke               W-71909   $ 850.00 

    The Diseases of Society (The Vice and Crime Problem)
    Lydston, G. Frank                              W-18837   $  65.00 

    A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production
    Nadiri, M. Ishaq and Sherwin Rosen             W-30959   $  25.00 

    Disorder in the Court, Report of the Association of the Bar of th
    Dorsen, Norman and Leon Friedman               W-54352   $  45.00 

    Disorder in the Court, Report of the Association of the Bar of th
    Dorsen, Norman and Leon Friedman               W-43451   $  45.00 

    Disorder in the Court, Report of the Association of the Bar of th
    Dorsen, Norman and Leon Friedman               W-49736   $  45.00 

    Disorder in the Court, Report of the Association of the Bar of th
    Dorsen, Norman and Leon Friedman               W-12915   $  45.00 

    Disputed Paternity Proceedings. Fourth Edition
    Schatkin, Sidney B.                            W-91741   $  75.00 

    A Disquisition on the Right of Jurisdiction in Peerage Succession
    Banks, T.C. and Ephraim Lockhart               W-72088   $ 350.00 

    A Dissertation Shewing That the House of Lords, in Cases of Judic
    Christian, Edward                              W-76671   $ 350.00 

    Dissolution of the British Parliament, 1832-1931
    Wang, Chi Kao                                  W-48071   $  45.00 

    Diversite de Covrtes lour iurisdictions et alia necessaria et vti
                                                   W-78988   $1750.00 

    A Divorce Trial in China
    Greene, Felix                                  W-55931   $  15.00 

    The Docket, A Monthly Journal for Justices of the Peace and Alder
                                                   W-17618   $  50.00 

    Doctor and Student: or Dialogues Between a Doctor of Divinity, an
    St. Germain, Christopher]                      W-60035   $ 450.00 

    La Doctrine Sovietique du Droit International
    Mirkine-Guetzevitch, B[oris]                   W-21402   $  15.00 

    La Doctrine Sovietique du Droit International, le Droit consualir
    Mirkine-Guetzevitch, B[oris]                   W-21403   $  15.00 

    The Documentary History of the Supreme Court of the United States
    Marcus, Maeva and James R. Perry (eds.)        W-79550   $ 350.00 

    Does Trade Need Anti-Trust Laws? In Collaboration with George J. 
    Levene, Alexander                              W-77703   $  45.00 

    Domesday Book Illustrated: Containing An Account of that Antient 
    Kelham, Robert                                 W-41930   $ 350.00 

    Domesday Book, seu liber censualis Willelmi I regis Angliae, inte
                                                   W-69264   $4500.00 

    Domestic Corporation Laws of Alabama
                                                   W-31062   $  35.00 

    Domestic Criminal Violence, A Selected Bibliography
    Wolfgang, Marvin E., et al. (comps.)           W-90124   $  65.00 

    Domestic Financing of Economic Development
                                                   W-31001   $  25.00 

    Domestic Relations in Virginia, With Forms
    Phelps, Arthur Warren                          W-30668   $  35.00 

    Domestic Violence
    Separovic, Zvonimir and Wanda Jamieson (       W-90083   $  45.00 

    Draft of Statutory Language, with Accompanying Explanation, of Am
                                                   W-31125   $  25.00 

    The Drama of the Law
    Parry, Edward Abbott                           W-63155   $  35.00 

    Le Droit Sans Peines, Aspects de la Depenalisation en Belgique et
    Kerchove, Michel van de                        W-90331   $  25.00 

    Drug Abuse
    Allen, Marian C.(comp.)                        W-92044   $  35.00 

    Drug Abuse Deaths in Nine Cities: A Survey Report
    Gottschalk, Louis A., et al. (eds.)            W-90014   $  45.00 

    Drug Trafficking/Smuggling
    Allen, Marian C.(comp.)                        W-92046   $  35.00 

    Drug and Narcotic Investigation
    Allen, Marian C. (comp.)                       W-92033   $  35.00 

    Drugs and Crime, A Survey and Analysis of the Literature
    Gandossy, Robert P., et al.                    W-90056   $  45.00 

    Drugs and Suicide, When Other Coping Strategies Fail
    Lettieri, Dan J. (ed.)                         W-90018   $  45.00 

    Drugs in Australian Society, Patterns, Attitudes and Policies
    McAllister, Ian, et al.                        W-90034   $  75.00 

    Drugs, Alcohol and Aging
    Petersen, David M. and Frank J. Whitting       W-90053   $  35.00 

    Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy. Hearings before the Su
                                                   W-91668   $ 150.00 

    Duke Bar Journal and Duke Law Journal
                                                   W-25044   $  75.00 

    The Duke of Norfolk's Case: With Reasons for Passing his Bill. Wi
                                                   W-79642   $1500.00 

    Dundonnell Cause. Report of the Trial by Jury, Thomas Mackenzie a
                                                   W-56200   $ 350.00 

    The Duty of Executors and Administrators, Pointing Out, in a Plai
    Grimke, John Faucheraud]                       W-68776   $1250.00 

    The Dynamics of World Power, A Documentary History of United Stat
    Schlesinger (ed.), Arthur M.                   W-30387   $  45.00 

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