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    Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters
    Johns, C.H.W.                                  W-67413   $  85.00 

    Balance of Payments Trends and Policies, 1950-1951
                                                   W-31026   $  25.00 

    The Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and Economic Policy
    Allen, Polly R. and Peter B. Kenen             W-30222   $  20.00 

    Balancing the National Interest, U.S. National Security Export Co
                                                   W-30670   $  12.50 

    The Baltic Path to Independence, An International Reader of Selec
    Sprudzs, Adolf (ed.)                           W-30780   $  45.00 

    Banco Credito Agricola de Cartago [et al.], Petitioners, v. Allie
                                                   W-30430   $  15.00 

    The Bancroft Library at 100: A Celebration 1906-2006
                                                   W-91665   $  20.00 

    The Bar Association of San Francisco, The First Hundred Years 187
    Johnson, Kenneth M.                            W-77964   $  35.00 

    The Barrister: Or, Strictures on the Education Proper for the Bar
                                                   W-58866   $ 650.00 

    Baseball Catalogue 121
                                                   W-92089   $  45.00 

    Basic Concepts in Victimology
    Kirchoff, Gerd Ferdinand                       W-90162   $  35.00 

    Basic Documents of International Economic Law. Two Volumes [compl
    Zamora, Stephen and Ronald A. Brand (eds       W-78423   $  75.00 

    Basic Problems of Evidence. Two Volumes [complete]
    Morgan, Edmund M.                              W-75816   $ 125.00 

    Basilika. The Works of King Charles the Martyr: With a Collection
                                                   W-77851   $ 750.00 

    Beatrix Potter: The Doris Frohnsdorff Collection, Wednesday, 16 A
                                                   W-91550   $  20.00 

    Behavioral Analysis and Treatment of Substance Abuse
    Krasnegor, Norman A. (ed.)                     W-90013   $  45.00 

    A Behavioral Study of CPA Ethics
    Loeb, Stephen Edward                           W-90540   $  45.00 

    Behavioral Tolerance: Research and Treatment Implications
    Krasnegor, Norman A. (ed.)                     W-90005   $  45.00 

    Behind Shocking Crime Headlines, Searching Probe into Juvenile, A
    Kobre, Sidney                                  W-90368   $  35.00 

    Belli Looks at Life and Law in Japan
    Belli, Melvin M. and Danny R. Jones            W-55808   $  35.00 

    Betty Alden, The First-Born Daughter of the Pilgrims
    Austin, Jane G.                                W-57498   $1750.00 

    Between You and Me. Revised Edition
    Nizer, Louis                                   W-57258   $  35.00 

    Beyond the Constitution
    Arkes, Hadley                                  W-55502   $  35.00 

    Bibliographie Pratique d'Ouvrages de Droit, Jurisprudence Economi
                                                   W-17403   $  20.00 

    Bibliographie des Ecrits Imprimes de Hugo Grotius
    Ter Meulen, Jacob et P.J.J. Diermanse (c       W-79614   $  41.00 

    Bibliography and Reference From the Library of Richard E. Oinonen
                                                   W-91957   $  25.00 

    Bibliography and Reference from the Libraries of F.M O'Brien, Ced
                                                   W-91983   $  25.00 

    Bibliography of British History, Stuart Period, 1603-1714. Second
    Davies, Godfrey and Mary Frear Keeler (e       W-63501   $  65.00 

    Bibliography of British History, Tudor Period, 1485-1603
    Read, Conyers (ed.)                            W-10644   $  45.00 

    A Bibliography of British Municipal History including Gilds and P
    Gross, Charles                                 W-10165   $  35.00 

    A Bibliography of Indian Law
    Alexandrowicz, Charles Henry                   W-75221   $  85.00 

    Bibliography of the Department of Economics and Sociology of the 
    Farnam, Henry W.                               W-72530   $  45.00 

    A Bibliography on Violent and Aggressive Behavior
    Berg, Paul S.D. and Robert R. Tyler (com       W-90127   $  65.00 

    La Biblioteca Giannalisa Feltrinelli Parte Quarta
                                                   W-92018   $  25.00 

    Bibliotheca Legum Portoricensis Collectanea Juridica Bibliografia
    Davila Lanausse, Jose Nilo                     W-30132   $  65.00 

    Bibliotheca Legum: Or, A Compleat List of All the Common and Stat
    Worrall, John (comp.)                          W-76821   $ 850.00 

    Bibliotheca Legum: Or, A new and compleat List of All the Common 
    Worrall, John (comp.)                          W-68674   $1250.00 

    Biennial Report of the Attorney General of the State of Californi
                                                   W-63336   $  20.00 

    A Bill . . . for granting an Aid and Contribution for the Prosecu
                                                   W-78190   $1500.00 

    A Bill For granting to Her Majesty Duties on Profits arising from
                                                   W-78337   $ 850.00 

    The Bill James Baseball Abstract Newsletter. Vol. 1, Nos. 1-8. Wi
    James, Bill                                    W-91841   $ 250.00 

    The Bill of Rights
    Hand, Learned                                  W-75328   $1500.00 

    Biographia Juridica, A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of E
    Foss, Edward                                   W-54649   $  85.00 

    Biographia Juridica, A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of E
    Foss, Edward                                   W-76919   $  85.00 

    The Biography of a Homicide: A Case Study from Arrest Through Tri
    Poulos, John W.                                W-30773   $  45.00 

    The Blaine Amendment and the Bill of Rights
    Meyer, Alfred W.                               W-91711   $  25.00 

    Blueprint for Sustainable Development of Virginia
                                                   W-30726   $  15.00 

    The Boke for a Iustyce of peace neuer soo wel and diligently set 
                                                   W-79342   $10000.00 

    Book Auction Sale, 5th-6th June 1986. The Library of the Late Mr.
                                                   W-91749   $  25.00 

    The Book Club of California at One Hundred. A Companion to 'The F
    Kurutz, Gary F.                                W-91807   $  25.00 

    My Book Paradise
    Jong, Fang-Ling                                W-77277   $  35.00 

    My Book Paradise
    Jong, Fang-Ling                                W-76629   $  50.00 

    Book Paradise
    Jong, Fang-Ling                                W-77016   $  30.00 

    The Book of English Law
    Jenks, Edward                                  W-74227   $  15.00 

    Book of Pleadings Adapted to the Code of Civil Procedure of the S
    Burch, John C.                                 W-57941   $  75.00 

    A Booke of Presidentes exactly written in maner of a Register, ne
    Phayer, Thomas                                 W-78413   $6500.00 

    A Booke of Proclamations, published since the beginning of his Ma
                                                   W-78271   $2250.00 

    The B Bookman, An Annual Packed with Features, Book Trade News an
    Berry, Michael (ed.)                           W-91790   $  35.00 

    Books and Manuscripts from the Estate of John F. Fleming Friday, 
                                                   W-91588   $  20.00 

    Books from the Collection of Hugh Morris with Selected Additions
                                                   W-91993   $  25.00 

    Books from the Library at Somerset House in Princess Anne, Maryla
                                                   W-91972   $  35.00 

    Books, Maps, Postcards and Law Books To be Sold by Auction Wednes
                                                   W-74712   $  25.00 

    Books, Memorabilia and Apparatus from the Conjuring Collection of
                                                   W-92087   $  35.00 

    A Bookwoman's Four Seasons
    Jong, Fang-Ling                                W-78491   $  30.00 

    A Bookwoman's Four Seasons
    Jong, Fang-Ling                                W-78456   $  60.00 

    Botswana Statute Law 1970. Two parts. Part I, General; Part II, C
                                                   W-90562   $ 100.00 

    Bracton's Note Book, A Collection of Cases Decided in the King's 
    Maitland, F.W. (ed.)                           W-75587   $ 240.00 

    Bracton's Note Book, A Collection of Cases Decided in the King's 
    Maitland, F.W. (ed.)                           W-78082   $1100.00 

    Brainerd Currie--Five Tributes, By Elvin R. Latty, Philip B. Kurl
                                                   W-91341   $  25.00 

    The Bribe-Takers of Jury-Men Partiall, Dishonest, and Ignorant Di
    Leach, William                                 W-78200   $1500.00 

    Bridlington Charters, Court Rolls and Papers, XVIth-XIXth Century
    Purvis, J.S. (ed.)                             W-91445   $  65.00 

    A Brief Account of the Powers Given to, and Exercised by, The Bur
                                                   W-75939   $1500.00 

    Brief Deductions Relative to the Aid and Supply of the Executive 
                                                   W-47595   $ 500.00 

    A Brief History of the Succession, Collected out of the Records, 
    Somers, John                                   W-76888   $ 350.00 

    A Brief Method of the Law. Being an Exact Alphabetical Dispositio
                                                   W-78298   $1250.00 

    Brief Summary of H.R. 17488, The Energy Tax and Individual Relief
                                                   W-31111   $  20.00 

    A Brief Vindication of the Rights of the British Legislature; In 
    Wooddeson, Richard                             W-18133   $ 450.00 

    A Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Last Willes . . . Compiled of
    Swinburne, Henry                               W-77590   $3500.00 

    British Bechuanaland Proclamations and the More Important of the 
                                                   W-90559   $ 250.00 

    British Legal Papers Presented to the Fifth International Congres
    Kiralfy, A.K.R. (ed.)                          W-72129   $  65.00 

    British Military Occupation of Samoa. Proclamations 1 through 41 
                                                   W-77264   $3750.00 

    British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Regulations 1957-1960
                                                   W-90566   $ 125.00 

    Britton [on the Laws of England]. The Second Edition. Faithfully 
    Britton, John le]                              W-77409   $1250.00 

    Bundesverfassungsgericht im dritten Jahrzehnt. Symposion zu Ehren
    Frowein, Jochen Abr., Hans Meyer, et al        W-51583   $  15.00 

    Die Bundesweite Erfassung von Wirtschaftsstraftaten nach einheitl
    Liebl, Karlhans                                W-90547   $  25.00 

    Bundling, Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America
    Stiles, Henry Reed                             W-67213   $  65.00 

    Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report. Federal Offenses and
                                                   W-90510   $  10.00 

    Business Law for Business Men, A Reference Book Showing the Laws 
    Bledsoe, A.J.                                  W-12189   $  20.00 

    Business Law for Business Men, State of California. . .Sixteenth 
    Bledsoe, A.J.                                  W-56819   $  25.00 

    Business Law for Business Men, State of California. . .Sixteenth 
    Bledsoe, A.J.                                  W-48384   $  25.00 

    Buying Law Books in Nineteenth-Century Melbourne
    Kirsop, Wallace                                W-71327   $  25.00 

    By Direction of the Executors of the late Commander R.G.I. Nichol
                                                   W-91598   $  25.00 

    By the King and Queen. A Proclamation . . . That all Persons bein
                                                   W-79487   $1500.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation commanding the due execution of the L
                                                   W-79674   $ 750.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation declaring His Maiesties Royall Grace 
                                                   W-79503   $ 750.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation for restraint of excessiue Carriages,
                                                   W-78742   $2000.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation for the better execution of the Offic
                                                   W-79501   $ 650.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation, For giving Encouragement to Seamen a
                                                   W-79635   $1250.00 

    By the King. A Proclamation. George R. To practise the greatest E
                                                   W-79587   $ 650.00 

    By the King. Trustie and welbeloued, wee greete you well: Althoug
                                                   W-78534   $1500.00 

    By-Laws of Box Makers, Novelty and Specialty Wood Workers, Union 
                                                   W-77453   $  35.00 

    The Bystander, Behavior, Law, Ethics
    Sheleff, Leon Shaskolsky                       W-91421   $  35.00 

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