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Author:      Fortescue, John
Title:       A Learned Commendation of the politique Lawes of England: wherein,
             by most pithie reasons and euident demonstrations, they are
             plainely proued farre to excell . . . the Ciuil Lawes of the
             Empire [and] all other Lawes of the World [etc.]. S.T.C. 11196
Publisher:   Printed by Thomas Wight, and Bonham Norton, London, 1599.
Description: Second reissue of the first English translation of a work placed
             "among the classics of English constitutional theory", written in
             the late 15th century, highly popular, and the first work to
             examine extensively trial by jury and the Inns of Court
Condition:   Contemporary sheep, rubbed, with the signature of Edmund Prideaux
             [?Cromwell's Attorney General], a very good copy with ample
             margins; the Taussig copy
Book No.:     W-79146                Price: $    2500.00
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