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Title:       By the King. Trustie and welbeloued, wee greete you well: Although
             there be nothing more against our minde then . . . any course that
             may breed in our subiects the least doubt of our vnwillingnes to
             throw any burthens vpon them [etc.]. STC 91751.3(2ba)
Publisher:   Printed by Robert Barker?, London, 1604.
Description: A rare example of the 'requests' by James I early in his reign for
             loans to be repaid the following year, in this case Peter Gleave
             of Norfolk, whose loan was in fact repaid, though three years
             late; with both the loan and its repayment noted by hand
Condition:   One sheet, about 9x14 inches printed in civilite type, repairs at
             the margins affecting the manuscript acknowledgements; two copies
             in STC in the USA
Book No.:     W-78534                Price: $    1500.00
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